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Class Feature Details
Layout Instruments supported: Bagpipe, Chanter, Smallpipes, Whistle, Flute, Bodhran and Side (snare), Tenor and Bass drums.
  Multiple parts ("seconds") for harmony etc. (as many as will fit on screen).
  Several tunes can be loaded at same time in separate tabs.
  Fine control over score layout on page.
  Flexible printing:
linked parts, separate parts, multiple tunes on separate pages, or on same page etc.
  'Wizard' to create new scores .

File I/O Import formats: ABC, BMW, BWW, PIO (PiobMaster), DST (DrumScriobh) - PIO and DST on Windows version only).
  Export Formats: ABC, BWW, MIDI, WAV, Image: (PNG, JPEG) and MusicXML.
  Native file format (.cep) for local storage (supports all program features, some export formats do not!).

Editing Copy and paste phrases and bars between tunes (on separate tabs). Can be used to build up a library file.
  Drop notes by toolbar (position unrestricted).
  Other toolbars to add dynamics, articluations, fine-tune structure (e.g. add, delete/resize bars, add/remove lines, change clefs, time sigs, repeats etc).
  Audible tone when entering notes (optional).
  Dotted rests supported.
  Simple Note alignment tool, avoids exact manual positioning.
  Autobeam option (can be useful when building up certain types of basic score).
  Manual beaming/unbeaming of notes.
  'Bar Copy/Bar Paste' (inside bar, between bars, or between scores) to copy and paste measures.
  'Line Copy/Line Paste' (inside score or between scores) to copy and paste a whole line.
  Copy/Paste individual notes or phrases (inside bar, between bars, or between scores).
  Double or Halve duraton of selected note(s) at the touch of a button.
  Note stem direction changing (manual override).
  Annotation attached to bars/measures (with optional linked images).
  Free text can be attached to individual notes .
Edit single melody bagpipe tunes in-place using BWW codes.
Basic Keyboard Shortcuts for easy note entry.

Embellishments Comprehensive list of H Bagpipe embellishments and movements, with editable timings.
  Custom embellishments: add, delete, rename and set timings.
  Embellishments and ornaments can be built up on-the-fly or added to the list and used for any instrument.

Sound Realistic sounding instruments (using soundfont).
  Full control over playback with cueing inc. repeat, play and repeat highlighted section.
  Individual voices can adjusted for volume and pan setting.
  Note playback indicator.
Bagpipe drone volume adjustment.
  Tempo control in BPM.
  Full control over gracenote embellishment and ornament durations including steal-time before/after melody notes.
  Option of extending last note in tune.

Display Options Draw straight or angled beams.
  Indent first line by variable amount (in mm).
  Display user-defined part names in indented space.
  Zoom options (25% to 200%) with fit to window.
  Optional display of key signature.

Tools Note value checker.
  Transposition: change key, or semitones up/down; transpose music between supported instruments e.g. abc format for whistle (fiddle?) to bagpipe.
  Combining Scores: easily combine loaded scores to create 'seconds', harmonies etc., or to create Sets.
  Note spacing tool .

Customer Care Support available by email, or post (if required) for registered version.
  Full help supplied with registered version.
  Your money back if you are not completely satisfied with the software you have bought!